Rachel Ho

Hi! I'm a Singaporean artist and performance-maker. In my practice I try to create live (often improvised) experiences that bridge physical and virtual spaces. Sometimes I work on real-time XR performances, and when I can't be in the theater I stay at home writing conversational UI for virtual assistants.

Before this, I studied Experimental Animation at the California Institute of the Arts, and my work has been featured in the Slamdance DIG Showcase, at Automata LA, Live Arts Exchange Festival, GLAS Animation Festival, San Diego Underground Film Festival, Singapore Art Museum, and others. I’m a friend and advisor to GLAS Animation Festival, and previously I’ve been a programmer for Slamdance, a producer for Ghosting TV, and sometimes a motion capture performer for other people.

Right now you can find me clowning around in LA or @faceboop

Email me: rachelruizhen@gmail.com